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Full conference volume now available (click to download):

Final meeting outline (click to download pdf)

Scientific Programme

We have four broad, multi-disciplinary themes for abstract submission. Once abstracts are received, we will construct sub-sessions based on the material we receive, and post the abstract volume and detailed programme on this page. Our aim is not to divide presentations by method, but rather by broad research topic, so that each delegate can find a presentation of interest in every session.

Volcanic Arcs

Keynote: Dr Hugh Tuffen (University of Lancaster), VMSG Award Winner

Title: Rhyolitic conduit processes: from Icelandic fossils to Chilean eruptions

A multi-disciplinary session on everything to do with subduction-related volcanism. We welcome submissions concerning volcanoes in both continental and oceanic arcs and subduction-related processes. Submissions may be from multi-disciplinary, or from any single discipline in volcanology, including, but not limited to, plutonic and volcanic petrology, geochemistry, seismology, geodesy, rock mechanics and field studies.

Rifts, Islands and Intraplate Volcanism

Keynote speaker: Dr William Hutchison (University of St. Andrews) Willy Aspinall Award Winner

Title: New geophysical and geochemical constraints on the plumbing of Ethiopia’s restless rift volcanoes

Volcanic and magmatic processes at rift, hotspot and intraplate settings, including both oceanic and continental systems. Abstracts can be multi-or single disciplinary and can address any aspect of extensional or intra-plate volcanism.

Beyond the Vent

Everything concerning post-eruption volcanic and magmatic impacts. We expect submissions to span the full range from short- and long-term atmospheric impacts to hazard assessment to deposit emplacement and landscape evolution to health and economic consequences.  Equally, the consequences of eruptions for the magma system are also things that this theme will consider.

Explosive Ideas

For this session we encourage you to submit exciting new provocative ideas in volcanology. These could include new methods for measurement or modelling, presentation of surprising data or new theory or speculation! We encourage the presentation of ideas in development as well as published research.